beneunder women's sunglasses #color_black
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_black
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_mountain green
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_ebony tortoiseshell
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_ebony tortoiseshell
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_ebony tortoiseshell
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_mountain green
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_mountain green
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_mountain green
beneunder women's sunglasses #color_ebony tortoiseshell



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Using the Beneunder Self-Developed INTG-FOLD Patented Folding System: Three-dimensional full folding design hides temple arms when folded, making it easy to carry and pocket-friendly. Temple arms have undergone 10,000 open-close tests, ensuring durability.

Advanced Lens Technology: Upgraded RAYTURN light-filtering technology efficiently blocks harmful rays and filters out glaring sunlight. Back-coated OAR anti-reflective film resists mirror-surface reflections, restoring a high-definition view. CAST NEAT super-hydrophobic coating technology ensures long-lasting resistance to dirt.

Product Highlights:

  • INTG-FOLD patented folding system with an upgraded folding thickness—traditional folding is 34.5mm, iterative folding is 28mm
  • RAYTURN light-filtering technology with UV400 UV blocking rate exceeding 99%
  • Back-coated OAR anti-reflective film, with a strong light reflection rate of ≤0.6%, offering 97.6% anti-glare*, ensuring undistorted vision
  • Anti-smudge coating resists fingerprints and water stains
  • Advanced metallic texture, weighing approximately 23g for a lightweight, pressure-free feel
  • Anti-slip comfort nose pads and elastic anti-slip temple arms

Complimentary Accessories:

Comes with a new square storage pouch that can be worn on the wrist or hung.

Product Technology:

  • Anti-Burden
  • Anti-UV

Ultra-thin Foldable Pocket Sunglasses

Thinner and lighter with INTG-FOLD patented three-dimensional full folding design, easily fits into any pocket. The lightweight and durable mirror legs made of high-toughness stainless steel have undergone 10,000 opening and closing tests. Equipped with a new square wrist storage bag, it can be hung on the wrist or bag, making it easy to carry on the go

Sunscreen Polarized 2-in-1 Lenses

- RAYTURN Filter Technology
≥89.5% anti-glare, distortion-free vision
- UV400, Ultraviolet Blocking Rate ≥99.9%
- CAST NEAT super hydrophobic coating, resistant to fingerprints, waterproof, and oil-resistant

Total Iconic Style

Features ultra-thin metal temples in cool metallic colors, total iconic and chic style, will let you reflect and shine wherever you are.

All-day Wear without Pressure

Anti-burden design, the entire frame weighs approximately 23g, providing a lightweight and pressure-free experience. ±15° adjustable elastic legs, combined with ON MATCH anti-weight pressure technology, non-slip cushioned nose pads, and foot pads, ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day.