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Sale price$49.00 USD
SKU: 6923278591282
Color:Cloudy Mountain Gray

Designed to address the sun protection needs of the myopic population, our sunglasses seamlessly combine myopia protection, polarized eye care, and flexible portability. Introducing our groundbreaking INTG-FOLD patented folding system, featuring a three-dimensional full folding design. After folding, the legs are discreetly hidden, allowing for easy, on-the-go carrying and pocket storage.

The lenses incorporate the upgraded RAYTURN light-filtering technology, providing a triple-effect combination of sun protection, reduced reflection, and anti-glare, ensuring both efficient protection and clear visual acuity. The fully enclosed lens cover structure includes a built-in anti-slip strip, compatible with various frames, making myopia correction more convenient.

Product Highlights:

  • Myopia-specific lens cover, eliminating the need for separate corrective lenses for enhanced portability.
  • Fully enclosed structure with deep card slots, accommodating a wide range of frames.
  • Inner anti-slip strip, preventing unwanted slipping.
  • Patented full folding system for ultimate convenience.
  • 30-degree elastic legs for easy opening and closing.
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 23 grams.


  • Anti-UV
  • Anti-Burden

Nearsighted Glasses Cover

Specially designed for nearsighted individuals, featuring a full-cover structure and oversized frame design, compatible with various eyeglass frames and suitable for multiple face shapes. Built-in anti-slip strip ensures stability and prevents slipping, making it more convenient for nearsighted wearers.

Foldable and pocket-sized, lightweight and comfortable, ideal for on-the-go use

Utilizing innovative INTG-FOLD patented three-dimensional folding design, it can be easily carried anywhere. Eyeglass legs have undergone 10,000 opening and closing tests, ensuring durability. Equipped with a circular wrist storage bag, it can be hung on the wrist or attached to a bag for easy carrying.

Rapid Dry Technology

The entire hat is crafted with quick-drying fabric, with a water vapor evaporation rate of ≥0.18 and a moisture permeability of ≥10000. Ensures a dry and non-sticky feel even during intense activities.

Sunscreen, polarized, and anti-glare triple-layer lenses

- RAYTURN light-filtering technology
- ≥98.9% anti-glare for a clear and high-definition view, providing high-level protection
- UV400 with a UV blocking rate of ≥99%
- Back-coated OAR anti-reflection film, with a strong light reflection rate ≤0.74%

Comfortable to wear all day long

Anti-burden design, the entire glasses weigh approximately 23g, lightweight and pressure-free. ±30° adjustable elastic eyeglass legs fit wide and narrow faces alike. Paired with ON MATCH anti-weight pressure relief technology, it ensures no pressure on the head or face even after prolonged wear.