Retro Classic Polarized Folding Sunglasses - BR/GR
Retro Classic Polarized Folding Sunglasses - BR/GR
Retro Classic Polarized Folding Sunglasses - BR/GR


Retro Classic Polarized Folding Sunglasses - BR/GR

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Frame: TR90
Mirror legs: TR90+white brass
Hinge: stainless steel + white brass
Screws: stainless steel
Soft rubber pad: TPE
Decorative nails: zinc alloy

Product Care:
Do not soak
Wash with like colours
Do not bleach or iron
Do not use sharp objects to scratch or pull the fabric
Machine wash on cold using mild detergent
Do not dry clean

Professional UV400 Protective Lenses

- Protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays
- Block 99-100% of all UVB and UVA radiation
- Reduce glare and eye fatigue
- Lenses are impact resistant

Polarization Filters for a Better View

-Reduce eye fatigue and improve work efficiency
-"Sunglasses" can protect your eyes from strong light, avoid visual fatigue
- Polarized sunglasses can block 99% of reflected glare, which will protect your eyesight

Adjustable Eyeglass Legs for a Perfect Fit

- Perfect for any face shape
- Comfortable and stretchy
- Easily adjustable to fit anyone
- Fun and stylish

Gapless folding design, flexible deformation.

-No more hair getting stuck in the hinges
-The glasses fold up so they don't take up any space in your bag
-They're flexible so they'll fit comfortably on any face
-The spring hinge makes them extra durable

Protects Your Shades and Keeps Them Organized

- Protect your sunglasses from being crushed or dropped
- Keep them safe from high temperatures in the summer sun
- Easy to carry around, perfect for travel
- A stylish and practical way to protect your sunglasses