Fuwa - Clear Black
Fuwa - Clear Black
Fuwa - Clear Black
Fuwa - Clear Black


Fuwa - Clear Black

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Color:Clear Black
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This pair of glasses uses optical frames with magnetic clip-on sunglasses to meet the needs of nearsighted people for UV protection and anti-glare. The ultra-light TR90 material frame perfectly reduces the weight of the glasses, bringing you a naked wearing experience. The optical frame can be adapted to high prescription lenses, and the magnetic clip-on sunglasses can be easily switched between indoor and outdoor wear.

Fuwa Hightlights:

  • Optical frames can be adapted to high prescription lenses
  • Magnetic clip-on sunglasses easily adapt to indoor and outdoor scenes
  • UV400 sun protection, 100% blockage of ultraviolet rays
  • Elastic temple design, easy adaptation to various face shapes

Different Degrees of Lenses Can Be stably Fitted

The slightly widened design on the side covers the thickness of the lenses and makes high prescriptions look more aesthetically pleasing. The ultra-light metal frame features a top edge made of TR90, a memory polymer material with a density lower than 1.4, making it only half the weight of regular plates.

Easily Adapt to Various Indoor And Outdoor Scenarios

Take off the patch indoors to use as nearsighted glasses, pick up the magnetic sunglasses outdoors, and attach them with a touch. The high-definition optical lens instantly transforms into sunscreen sunglasses.

Polarisation And UV400 Sun Protection with A Higher Level of Definition

A composite polarised lens with a louvre effect to reduce glare and enhance visual realism. The UV protection sunglasses are infused with high-frequency anti-UV particles that effectively block 99% of UV rays on both sides, while the interior is coated with OAR to reduce UV reflection, providing double-sided sun protection.